Mass Convert
(Generate AVI-File[s])

This function generates an AVI-file from all images of a directory.

If "Convert directory recursive" is marked, each folder an AVI-file is generated.

Following window shows you an example for a conversion:

In this example an AVI-file with filename "Astro.avi" is generated from all files of the directory D:\Bilder\Astro.
(The filename corresponds to the name of the directory.)

Each image is processed before output to the AVI-file with the macro "size_720x576".
(This macro was recorded before and comprises the rightsizing to the PAL-format.)

During makeout of the AVI-file the setting for the compression is used for the number of seconds per image, in this example 6 seconds per image.

All images should brought in the same size ratio before the processing, (e.g. with "Edit" -> "Select" -> "Video ratio"), so that the images are not distorted.

Version: 14.3.05


Last update: 10/23/2016 11:29:19