Save as...

According to file type supplementary options are available to you in this dialog.

The selection "Format" is available with every file type.
Select "Optimal format" if the program is supposed to select the best number of colors.
(You can switch off the option "Optimal format"; look Color reduction optimization).

You can select also the desired bits per pixel.
(The possible bits per pixel are indicated.)

With the JPG formats, the image can be compressed.
If you push the scrollbar completely to the left edge, the image is stored in best quality.
A value of 10 enables a good compression.
If for example you would like that photos are available in the Internet, you can increase the value.

If you mark "Save thumbnail", a small image (thumbnail) is stored; this enables a very fast display in the Hardcopy image viewer.

With the GIF-format you can specify, whether the image is displayed transparently. (Save as GIF)
You can select, whether the image is displayed interlaced.

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