SAP R/3®
Characterize Your Application

You know surely following problem:
You enter some transactions and recognize after some time that you are in the false application, and/or in the false Client !

Characterize the SAP® application with the desired text in the window title.

The text in the window title can be specified for everyone Client, System-ID and Host (Application server).

A concrete example:
The following image shows which settings are necessary in Hardcopy:
(If the label is supposed to occur on client-level, also the client 000 is necessary. In this example the text "C23 - Anmeldung" is used.)

After the start of the SAPGUI for the production application,
the text "C23 - Login" is displayed.

After the login in the client 100, "Financial accounting" is displayed.

After the login in the client 900, "HR" is displayed.

After the start of the SAPGUI for the second System-ID (C53),
the text "Development" is displayed, whether you are logged in or not !

You can make the characterization in another color. The color can be indicated before the text as decimal number in curved parentheses.
In this example “{65280} Development“ is Development in green color.
Some colors: black=0, red=255, green=65280, blue=16711680, white=16777215

In the following a further example, with that Hardcopy settings:

Example with text "<< Produktion >>":

Example with text "Entwicklung V4":

An example with language consideration: Version: 14.3.05

Please note that these settings don't have any effect on already opened SAPGUI's.
Please start a new SAPGUI or open a new mode.

Last update: 10/23/2016 11:29:00